Car Accident FAQ

  • How much do your services cost?

    Absolutely nothing. Since we take all cases on a contingency we do not collect our fee unless we win your case. As the saying goes- “No Recovery, No Fee” This means you don’t pay unless any money is recovered for you by our firm.

  • How long do I have to file a lawsuit against the insurance company?

    You have exactly 2 years to the day your accident occurred to file your lawsuit against the insurance company representing the party at fault. If you do not file suit within this 2-year window you will forfeit your right to file suit ever and will never be able to recover any financial compensation for your injuries and property damage.

  • Can I receive money for lost wages?

    Yes, we can recover any and all money you have lost due to any missed work causes by your injuries. Lost wages are however subject to taxes so any lost wages you would recover would be taxable income.

  • How long does it take to resolve my case?

    The state of California has what’s called a “fast track” system, which means your trial date must be set no later than 1 year after your lawsuit was filed. There are exceptions to this rule where judges will extend this period for reasons like sickness and unresolved medical treatment that is relevant to a trial.

  • What is an arbitration hearing?

    An arbitration hearing is when the court orders you and the insurance company you are suing to sit down and attempt to come to a financial settlement to avoid a trial. The arbitrators are respected individuals in the field who could have been ex-judges for instance. Arbitrators essentially negotiate between you and the insurance company you have filed suit against with the hopes to get them to agree to a fair settlement where both parties feel they have benefited. If you do not come to an agreement with the other party then a trial day is set and a trial will decide the outcome of you suit.

  • Will I have to come out of pocket for any medical expenses before I receive my settlement?

    Never, the medical professionals we work with will take any and all medical treatment and/or diagnostics performed on a lien. A lien is something you will sign guaranteeing that these providers will be paid out of the financial settlement you receive. As your attorney we will always negotiate the best rates for the services you receive.

  • Can I still recover a settlement if I was found a partially at fault?

    Yes you can however the state of California uses what is called a “pure comparative negligence” system. What this means to you is if you are found to be 50% liable for your accident then the insurance company you are suing is only liable for paying 50% of the damages, lost wages and pain and suffering caused by your accident.